Sanskar Manjari: A soci-cultural study of 400 Bhojpuri folk songs if Mauritius including a collection (annotated and translated) of the said songs, the book is targeted for researchers and socio-linguists interested in folklife studies.
Traditional Singing Games of Mauritius: A learning Kit for Pre-Primary School children to promote and disseminate the disappearing games and their songs sung long ago in the backyards and which promoted in kids a feeling of group life, appreciation of the  environment, mutual interaction and physical activities. the Kit consists of 2 audio cassettes, a manual for teachers and parents and a video cassette for classrooms. the project was launched both in Mauritius and in Rodrigues and was distributed free in all schools.
The Songs of the Stone: A socio-cultural study of Bhojpuri work-songs of Mauritius with special reference to twenty-one Jantsărs (hand-grinding millsongs) collected from villages throughout the island.
Bhojpuri-English-Hindi Dictionary : - Awaiting Final Word Processing
Select Documents on Indian Immigration - Vol 1-3 : Published by MGI (November 1996)
Kalimai Cult : A disappearing Tradition -  This research project seeks to isolate the multiple factors of which modernization, industrialization and urbanization are but a few and which have led or are leading to the swift destruction of Mauritian Life and its distinctive socio-religious practices such as the Kalimai Cult.

"The truest test of civilization, culture, and dignity is character, not clothing."

"The object of education is to give man the unity of truth..."

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