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Officer n ChargeDecentralization of Music and Dance, Distance Education and E-Learning Department

Contact: Ms S Dabee, Ag. Head, Decentralisation of Music and Dance, Distance Education and E-Learning Department (Ph: 4032000, ext: 2184/2059)
This Department has been set up within the School for Performing Arts to look after all activities pertaining to the promotion and decentralization of Indian Music and Dance across the island and Distance Education and E-Learning.  The Section is primarily responsible for the teaching of Indian Music and Dance in the Mahatma Gandhi Secondary Schools, the Regional Centres, Womens' Centres and Socio-cultural Organizations, and for developing courses to be offered through Distance Education (DE) mode and for designing and developing e-learning materials.

  Mr.J.Dawosing (Lecturer)
Head of Department (Ph): 4032000

The Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore & Oral Traditions was created in 1982 at the MGI, the main thrust being the provision of trained manpower for the collection, preservation, interpretation and dissemination of human memories and oral traditions of independent Mauritius, which also includes Rodrigues and Outer Islands. Among the Department's completed and on-going publications are:


Head Department of Creative Writing and Publications Ph: 4032000 Ext 2168, 2170

The Department of Creative Writing and Publications is actively involved in promoting and disseminating the creative writing in Hindi for general public. It presents a perspective through competitive schemes in collaboration with local and foreign writers. It also contributes to maintaining the dynamism of both writing and reading Hindi. The department represents a perspective in anthologies and magazines produced, the promotion of publication through competitive schemes and the promotion of translation for the important work of comparative Mauritian literature. The Department's regular publications are Vasant and Rimjhim are two Hindi Magazines published by the Department.


Dr Krishna Kumar Jha, Head, Language Resource Centre
Tel.: (230)  4332188,  (230) 433 2213

The Language Resource Centre forms part of the School of Indian Studies.  It was set up following  a memorandum of understanding between the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) and the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) in August 2006.  The idea of setting up a Language Resource Centre (LRC) emerged from discussion for the development of a language industry in Mauritius.  The Ministry of Education gave its approval for the Language Resource Centre to be based at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, given the fact that the MGI caters for 9 languages on its campus.  The 3 main pillars of Language Resource centre are Language Pedagogy, Development of new tools for Language Teaching and Research to respond to the needs of policy matters, language planners and language users.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the Central Institute of Indian Languages to help the Mahatma Gandhi Institute to plan, design and implement various projects decided jointly by the two institutions. The Government of India, through the Central Institute of Indian Languages, has also sanctioned a grant for the promotion of Indian Languages and Culture to be used by the LRC. At present, the Language Resource Centre has 18 computers and is operating with a skeleton staff comprising 1 senior lecturer, 1 lecturer, 1 confidential secretary and 1 clerical officer. Activities regarding capacity building, development of teaching/ learning materials and research have already started. In this regard, three workshops have been organised as per 'Project Advisory Committee'. Six panels for textbook writing have been set up and the activities have already started. A research team is currently working on a research project 'Patterns of Borrowing in Mauritian Bhojpuri.' The Language Resource Centre is meant to bring the added value needed to various language activities in Mauritius.

Staff, Department of LRC

Mrs S.D. Ancharaz Nawosah (Lecturer)
Mr. V. Binda (Research Assistant)

Curriculum Development Department

 Head, Curriculum Development Department (Ph: 4032000, ext: 2198/2184)

This Department forms part of the newly established School of Performing Arts. Curriculum Development for music and dance has been going on but within the respective departments for the courses/disciplines under their responsibility.  Within the former Department of Extra Mural Studies, the following syllabi were designed and implemented: - Secondary Schools (Levels I, II and III), Children’s Courses and Hobby Courses. The former Department of Music and Dance worked out the syllabi for Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses in the Performing Arts. In the process of the re-structuring of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in August 2006, the Curriculum Development Department was established as a full-fledged one within the School of Performing Arts.  This Department is fully engaged in the following activities: curriculum design in vocal music, instrumental music and dance.


Officer n Charge

The Department has been set up within the School of Performing Arts to take care of Academic Coordination, Projects pertaining to voice culture, compositional works, cultural events, research consultancy, organization of workshop and seminars, lecture demonstration, room concerts, board of exams committees, pedagogical support, curriculum development, quality assurance coordination as well as establishing links with Indian Universities.

The Department with a pool of well qualified and experienced teachers have been catering for education in the field of vocal music at various levels. It offers a wide range of courses starting from Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Degree till consultancy of MPhil/PhD courses. The faculty members are practising vocalists.

Till date, thirty students have obtained their degree in Vocal Hindustani. More than forty five students have obtained their Diploma.


Officer n ChargeCreativity & Performance Ph: 4032000, ext: 2158/2021

This Department has as mission the production of high quality creative works of music and dance for the preservation, promotion and dissemination of Indian Culture. The Department engages in such work as mounting and presentation of ballets/dance dramas, CD production and production of orchestral pieces, fusion music, semi-classical and light music for various occasions, namely; National festivals (Mahashivratree, Varusha Pirapu, Ougadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Divali), National Day Celebrations and other major events. Besides organizing its own programmes, MGI participates in a number of programmes responding to requests from institutions (Government and Private), socio-cultural organizations and from neighbouring islands and other countries. So far as resources concerned, the Department is able to put up high level programmes due to a good number of performing artistes among whom some are attached to the Department and others to other sections of the School of Performing Arts. The Department also provides opportunities to students under training at the institution and artistes outside the institute for putting forth their talents and creative abilities.



   Percussion Instruments Department

  Mr Papayah Goorimoorthee - Head ,Percussion Instruments Department ( Tel:4032000)

The Department of Percussion Instruments plays an important role in the set up of the School of Performing Arts. 

The main activity of this Department is to ensure that teaching and learning of Tabla and Mridangam are carried out efficiently at various levels. Another responsibility of this Department is to cater for Tabla and Mridangam accompaniments for the various disciplines viz Vocal, Instrumental and Dance, thus contributing to the development of performing arts in the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance at the level of the Institute.

Together with other Departments, the Department of Percussion Instruments contributes to mount cultural programmes. As future projects, the Department envisages to run short term courses in Tabla and Dholak playing and also to introduce courses in Pakhawaj ,Ghatam and Kanjira playing .

Officer n ChargeHead, Department of Instrumental Music (Stringed) Phone: 4032000 (ext: 2196/2059) 
The School of Performing Arts, initially known as the School of Indian Music & Dance was catered for by only one Head responsible for all disciplines. A laudable initiative has been the restructuring  process recently brought about, gave rise to the formation of seven departments/sections allowing a good functioning in each discipline. This specific Department is actually operating with a Sitar and Violin Section.

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