They all want their kids to form part of our educational system. MGSS Solferino is always striving for the betterment of all the students; it assures quality education which is geared towards developing the student’s academic, humane and also artistic aptitude. With co-education, boys and girls are given the opportunity to grow up together and thus learn to respect the opposite sex. As adults of tomorrow, they are equipped with the moral values of respect and equality vis-a- vis their partners. Like the other MGSS’s, our school also provides students the opportunity to learn other subjects apart from the academic ones. Classes of Music and Dance, Growing up Education and Culture education are run as from Form I and this greatly enhances a child’s ability to become an all-rounder in life. In the year 2007, our first batch of students sat for the SC examinations and the school achieved 100% success. All the students passed their SC with flying colours. We hope that they continue on this path of success with the same ambition. Even in the year 2008, the school scored a percentage pass of 98% and we hope to maintain a pass rate between 95 – 100% for the coming years. MGSS Solferino has the aim of making its name among the best schools in Zone 4. With the help of our teaching, non-teaching and without forgetting the great support of the PTA, we will achieve it and in this process, students of MGSS Solferino will emerge as full-fledged individuals ready to confront the adult world. The staff of MGSS Solferino is comprised of 48 educators and 26 non-teaching staff. All of them have a keen interest in the progress of the school. Most of the staff members have had their share of good but also difficult moments during their work but it is a fact that in spite of all the ups and downs all the staff members have always stood together for the school’s progress. The staff of the MGSS Solferino is well known for its undisputed cooperation, sincerity and enthusiasm which beautify the work environment. MGSS Solferino has a dedicated team and an admirable student population. With such a balanced equation, the school will definitely continues its way to success.


"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."

"Music fills the infinite between two souls..."

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