Mrs K. Buckory is the Rector and Mr Jogesser is the Deputy Rector of the RTSS. Since its beginning the RTSS has innovated in various ways to ensure that Quality Education is imparted to its pupils. On the academic side, pupils are provided remedial classes during recess or holidays (especially the present Form V batch because they have certain weaknesses given their CPE ranking). Each class has its own class library and the reading culture is inculcated in them. All pedagogical facilities (Library, Labs, Gymnasium, Computer Room etc) are provided to them and teachers prepare exam reports after the 2nd and 3rd term Exams held at the school. These exam reports help both teachers and pupils to re orient teaching and learning in effective way.The RTSS participates in many extra curricular activities ranging from athletics to swimming competitions, Ramayana chanting to National Drama Competitions, Spelling Bee to Alliance Française. It is nice to note that in almost all these competitions, the RTSS manages to bag prizes and laurels. The school annually organizes Gandhi (2nd October) and Tagore (7th May) Days to mark the birth of these illustrious sons of India in order to be inspired by their social and literary achievements.

Recent Achievements

  • One student participated in Dance competition in Jori No. 1
  • Some students have participated in the play “the Post Office” staged by the Rabindranath Tagore Institute.

Activities organised by RTSS

  • Flag raising ceremony and Kite flying was held on Friday 9th March 2008.  The Ex- Director-General, Late Mr J.LR. Putty was the Chief guest of the official ceremony.
  • Pizza  Day - 16th May (held every year). This activity required a lot of planning and preparation from the administration and staff.  Students were encouraged to contribute ingredients needed, which they did generously.  The staff and the administration put together their efforts to make this fund-raising activity a success.

The RTSS is a very highly demanded school of the region and this places added responsibility on the personnel of the school so that everyone lives up to expectations. That is why values, discipline and social service are integral components of the holistic education imparted to the pupils.

On the last day of the first term this year, the pupils and staff organised a Food Day in order to contribute financially for the surgical operations of 7- year old Chavesh Poonye and Appadu of Droopnath Ramphul, both suffering from Leukemia. A sum of Rs 40, 000 was collected and donated to these two young Mauritians for surgical operation overseas. At the level of the school, we have the FEED THE NEEDY PROJECT whereby students who come very poor families are provided with lunch daily and also other pedagogical support.

The RTSSPTA is a model PTA with well intentioned parents who are always ready to provide their support to the school. The staff and parents of the RTSS work jointly and undertake almost all activities in joint collaboration. The President and the other executive members are people who keep the education of their children as their main focal point. They strongly believe in holistic education and never hesitate to finance school projects which are in the interest of the pupils and staff.

Morning assembly is held on a daily basis at the school. It is an excellent forum for the Rector and staff to communicate with the pupils. Quite regularly, pupils also are given the opportunity to present poems, read extracts from novels or share their views on given issues. This helps in their personality development. The school organises Open Days annually and primary and secondary school students of the vicinity are always invited to attend them.

The school also has its Prevocational section and these pupils are given every opportunity to develop their potentialities. They are given more than education and training, they are given love and affection so that they develop a positive self image and realise how worthwhile they can be to their families and the society. Many independent observers believe that the Pre Vocational section of the RTSS is doing well.

Given that most of the pupils come from very modest backgrounds with different forms of economic and social problems, every care is taken to support the pupils. For instance, one doctor and one nutritionist visit the school on a monthly basis to sensitise the pupils about their health. Regular talks on Road Safety, Sex Abuse, Drug Abuse are organised. Thrice yearly, book exhibitions are held by the Edition de L’Ocean Indien to whet the reading appetite of the pupils and staff.

During the school holidays, the school premises are open for pupils-the library, the gymnasium, the Computer room, the play fields are put at the disposal of pupils as they live in the region. The aim is to encourage them to spend Quality Holidays.

Discipline is the stronghold of the school. Discipline is maintained by the various disciplinary committees intervene not to punish or reprimand pupils but to guide, reform, counsel and communicate with pupils who may have problems. There are Drama, Health, UNESCO, LITERARY, ENVIRONMENT Clubs which give students the opportunity to develop fully. The Student Council and Prefects help in consolidating the good image of the school in and outside the school.

The RTSS strives very hard to be a pioneer secondary school, devising means and ways to upgrade quality teaching and quality learning. It aspires to be a Mauritian version of the Shantiniketan. Time only will tell how far we succeed in our endeavours.

In fact, RTSS has already set off to be a flying star. Since three consecutive years RTSS has sent three batches of students for the SC exams and all the three times RTSS emerged with brilliant results- 100 %. It is indeed a matter of great pride to see more than 20 students getting distinction in English.

During the last SC exams, students were ranked at national level in various subjects namely Computer Studies, Geography, Add Maths, Urdu.

Among the first batch of students who sat for the HSC exams, 2 students were ranked on the Art side and 1 on the technical side.

This is only the beginning; it has yet to pave its path towards excellence!


"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

"Music is the purest form of art..."

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