MGI Central Administration (Contact Ph:- 403-2000, 4032002 Fax: 433-2235)

The Central Administration, under the purview of the Director (MGI) caters for all the administrative and management issues of the whole Institute. it also monitors and ensures the satisfactory performance of all the Schools, Departments and Sections of the Institute. The central Administration provides an adequate flow of information and exercises administrative control in accordance with established rules and procedures. The central administration consists of the following services departments:- a Section which caters for all council matters, the Establishment and Recruitment section, the Exams & Admission Section, the Confidential and Open Registries, a Section which caters for Public Relations (P.R), the Health and Safety Unit and the Information and Technology Unit (Data Centre).

Data Centre, MGI (Contact Ph: 4032000, 4332170) 
The I.T Unit (Data Centre), has a dedicated work force of one I.T Administrator, one computer technician and one clerical officer. the team administrates the I.T infrastructure at the MGI and RTI, performs the network and systems administration and maintains the MGI's I.T environment. The team is the I.T consultant in terms of requirements for computers and related accessories for the MGI and RTI.

Finance and Infrastructure (MGI)
Mr. S. G Motah, Bursar
Ph: 403-2005, Fax: 433-2274

The Department of Finance and Infrastructure is responsible for all matters concerning the finance of the Institute and is also responsible for the smooth running of the Stores, Maintenance and Transport Sections.

This Department prepares inter alia the financial budget, records all financial transactions and prepares Final Accounts of the Institute. It also provides information regarding the control of income and expenditure and issues such instructions as considered necessary to ensure sound financial management.
Centre for Quality Assurance
Dr G.L.R Reddy
(Associate Professor/Head, Centre for Quality Assurance)
Tel: (230) 4032000

Quality Assurance is gaining incremental importance in Higher Education. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute which is providing Higher Education to the student population in Mauritius is also required to provide high quality education and as such this institution has been called upon to set up a Centre for Quality Assurance which will monitor quality in all the services it provides to the public and to develop a culture of quality in the Tertiary Sector. The Centre for Quality Assurance falls under the purview of the Director-General (MGI & RTI). 
Internal Audit (MGI) Ph: 4032000 Ext: 2118

The Internal Audit Department was set up in September 2003 with the appointment of an Internal Auditor. Presently, a Word Processing Operator and a Clerical Officer are attached to the Department.

Mission and Scope
The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to provide an independent, objective assurance designed to add value and improve the Institute’s operations. It is a control which functions by examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of other controls. It is an important part of corporate governance and one of the mechanisms for necessary checks and balances in any organization. It covers all the activities carried out at the Institute. It encompasses the adequacy and effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal control processes.

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"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence."

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